Wiko, Europe’s fastest growing mobile brand, launches in Greece

Creativity, design, audacious colors, a friendly yet determined attitude and the best quality-performance-price ratio, Wiko’s core characteristics

Having established a strong market position in more than thirty countries in just five years, Wiko, the French smartphone brand, launches its operation in Greece with a portfolio of seven smartphones. Known as a Game Changer company for demystifying technology and letting people experience real value for money mobile phones, Wiko smartphones are now available for consumers who want to enjoy world-class technology, cutting-edge design, audacious colours and exceptional product quality.

Wiko phones are the most accessible in the market, meaning that they are the simplest in terms of usage and the most attractive in terms of ratio-quality-performance-price. They come in different splashy, pop colours, and they are as fluid and pleasant as they can be.

Wiko’s success is based on the company’s ability to make technology available to as many people as possible, striking the right balance between technology, design, quality and price, with the goal always being to offer the most qualitative and competitive experience in each price segment. Finally, agility and proximity communication with customers in each market has proven key to the company’s success, thus allowing the company to offer a wide range of mobile phones to meet every need. 

“We are very excited to be launching our brand in Greece and to bring the “French touch” in the local smartphone market. Our strategy will be to affirm our ‘Game Changer’ attitude. Despite the highly segmented local market, we see an opportunity in Greece and we are confident that with the support of our local partners, we will expand our business by widening our presence and our distribution network, both in the Retail and Operators channels”, commented Simone Tornaghi, Area Director Wiko Southern Europe .

“Wiko in Greece – as in all other countries- wants to address millennials who have the power to emancipate themselves from standards, consumers in search of a maximum of experiences that do not want to spend in ‘unnecessary’. In this frame we are presenting trendy, highly performant smartphones, at affordable prices!” said Dimitris Vathis, Wiko Greece Sales Manager.

Company strategy

In every new market it enters, Wiko quickly establishes significant market share, achieving very positive brand and product perception. The company is #2 in retail sales in France, with a 18% market share. And its success is not confined there. The company is #4 in Western Europe, while Wiko smartphones are sold in over 30 countries across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Wiko sold 13 million phones in 2016, which means over 50% growth on previous year in a slowing market (up just 4%). In Greece, a highly segmented market, Wiko aims to become a major player, targeting at the podium.

Retail channel

Wiko launched its presence in Greece with an exclusive collaboration with mobile provider Cosmote for its smartphones Freddy, Tommy and Ufeel and in the Retail Channel with Sunny, Jerry, Lenny 3 and Robby. In detail, Wiko smartphones are available in all the main retailers such as Germanos, Plaisio, Public and Media Markt through Teleunicom, the exclusive Wiko ‘s distributor in Greece.

Devices’ prices range from 59€ to 199€.