Huawei P40 Pro

See, touch, feel. An absolutely fascinating experience.


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Retail Price1,139.00


Speak for yourself with the Ultra Vision Leica Quad Camera by capturing photos and videos anytime and anywhere you want. Revolutionize your experience of speed and power with the cutting-edge Kirin 990 5G Chipset. The innovative design upgrades your visual entertainment and ergonomic comfort. Explore now and future with HUAWEI P40 Pro.

Look, Touch, Feel. Full of Excitement.

The Flowing Wonder in Your Hand

Inspired by the beauty and form of flowing water, the Quad-Curve Overflow Display1 is innovated to dissolve the barriers of vision and imagination on every edge. Plus with the 90 Hz refresh rate, you can enjoy an immersive view over the entire fluid screen. The mounting middle frame and protective round corners enhance the harmonious feel from your eyes to your hand.

Seize the Elegance in Depth

Reflecting the purity of nature, HUAWEI P40 Pro adopts the solid colours of Black, Ice White and Silver Frost. The refractive matte finish accentuates an ethereal sense of depth that reveals elegance and inner peace in every shade.

Explore the world, create your own stories

Never stop exploring life and creating stories. Operating as a highly integrated system, the Leica Ultra Vision’s quadruple / quadruple / triple camera always supports you to photograph at any time, day or night, the subject you desire, whether it is near or far. Immortalize comfortably what you see and let it talk about how you feel.

Every moment of the day, full view, high resolution

A pioneering 1 / 1.28-inch sensor with 2.44 μm oversized pixels is now appearing on smartphones. Combined with the RYYB color filter device, it offers plenty of light, extremely dynamic range and low noise. Supporting pixel 4-in-1 merger and Octa PD autofocus, the 50 MP main camera redefines high-definition photography with precise detail, regardless of the complexity of the scene and lighting conditions. The HUAWEI XD Fusion Engine supported by the upgraded ISP and NPU is perfectly capable of quickly processing huge amounts of information and improving pixel-level clarity for any image, day or night.

Each accessory tells a great story

Enjoy a great picture with the main camera 50 MP, just as your eyes see, but with amazing details. Enlarge any small part of the frame and you will have another amazing photo with rich texture and color.

With a little light you have the desired clarity

Thanks to the HUAWEI Ultra Vision Sensor sensor, even in the dark, your confident smile, your impressive dress and dazzling night sky can be immortalized with amazing lighting, clear colors and low noise.

From here to there, even farther and clearer than you can see

The design of the SuperZoom periscope is known for incorporating many lenses into a small body. This way you can see things clearly, whether they are right in front of you or out of sight. The innovative RYYB sensor provides greater clarity even in low light. Also, improved AIS stabilization along with OIS stabilization ensure unbeatable zoom performance up to 50x.

Stay still. See the invisible details.

You do not need to approach. Everything comes closer with high resolution, clear outlines and accurate colors. You will be able to see the unique guitar of your favorite singer, the text of a warning sign on the other side of the river and the tears of joy on an athlete’s face. All these details are worth seeing.

The AI ​​Portrait Studio is available for you and everyone

Thanks to the main Ultra Vision camera and the advanced AI algorithm, the HUAWEI P40 Pro has the ability to accurately analyze and fragment any face and environment. With the pixel level improvement, it restores the original image with stunning lighting, natural color and clear details. You will always be ready to take high quality portrait photos for everyone, at any time or scene.

Show your best self without much effort

The new set, which consists of the upgraded 32 MP front-facing camera with autofocus and infrared depth camera, produces incredible selfies with natural blur effects. Smart optimization of lighting, skin color and texture details is more accurate and personal, so you love taking selfies. AI creates magic HUAWEI Golden Snap Best Moment AI The AI ​​movement algorithm detects and recognizes the features of body posture and facial expression. It takes several 4K animated photos in about 1.7 seconds and suggests 1-3 photos of the best animated moment.

Absolute performance for real experience

Welcome to the ultra-high speed with the world’s first 5G SoC7 integrated, the Kirin 990 5G chipset. Thanks to 7nm + EUV technology and innovative CPU architecture, the HUAWEI P40 Pro can achieve high system efficiency and flexibility. Be amazed at the excellent performance of the Mali-G76 MC16 GPU graphics, the unrivaled image processing that works with the upgraded ISP, and the advanced AI feature of the NPU dual core.

Catalytic game with everything under control

The upgraded image engine cleverly optimizes image frames to ensure high flexibility with less power consumption. On the amazing 90 Hz screen, your eyes will see the real difference between playing a 90 fps game. The game is now more flexible and stable with more stay at a high frame rate. And don’t worry about overheating as the unique SuperCool system of the 3D graphene film in conjunction with the ultra-slim VC transfers heat away.

Keep moving, enjoy every great day

The innovative CPU architecture offers high power efficiency. And the AI ​​distribution mechanism makes better use of the 4200 mAh battery to achieve better performance and more running time.

40W HUAWEI SuperCharge

Relax and drink your coffee. When you’re ready to go, your phone will have full battery power.

27W Wireless HUAWEI SuperCharge

Enjoy the fast, safe and easy way to charge. Take it back whenever you want.

Wireless car charger 27W HUAWEI SuperCharge

Easy and fast charging while driving. Make better use of your time. Reverse wireless charging Approach to share your love and power.

Protection everywhere, safety and durability

IP68 protection, designed for freedom of use It provides protection against sudden raindrops or accidental splashes, so you are free to explore and live the adventure. It’s time to dump her and move on.

Your face is your password

Face unlocking detects your facial features to help you unlock the screen or access a private application. Regardless of whether the environment is bright or dark, verification is done quickly and reliably.

Touch, scan and verify

Each time you pick up your phone you can simultaneously unlock it with your fingerprint in the expanded verification area. It is the most natural way for accurate and very fast verification.

Ιt sees you, it knows you and it protects you

The front motion sensor and dual NPU drive work together to understand your hand movements and help you control dragging or capture a screenshot without touching the phone. Also, if it detects someone else looking at your phone, a security notification will appear without details, so that your privacy is protected.

Double method, total protection

The independent TEE OS was created for sensitive functions only. The core of this system has achieved the best security certification in its class, CC EAL 5+. In addition, a secure storage chipset has been integrated to store confidential information. Combined with other security features, EMUI 10.1 provides complete security.

Expected HD calls, unexpected fun

Even in low light or poor network conditions, HUAWEI MeeTime allows you to have stable audio and high resolution video with other HUAWEI devices. You can also share the screen to help your family or friends fix their phone problems by showing the solution step by step. In conjunction with third-party hardware, such as 360 ° or drone cameras, you can enjoy riveting calls, productive meetings and different entertainment options.

Multi-screen collaboration, better operation

In addition to simply merging the phone’s interface with the laptop, you can now use the laptop’s applications to open files on your phone for editing or make direct calls via the microphone, speakers and camera of the laptop. Both in terms of software and hardware, these two become one.

Communication has become an easy task

No cable, Internet data or application installation required. Just select HUAWEI Share so you can easily start quickly transferring files or photos between your phone, laptop, camera, drone or printer. With a simple click you can let the speakers continue playing music from your phone or connect to Wi-Fi via the router.

Hello Celia

Meet a new friend, Celia. It can understand your voice commands and help you make calls, set calendar events, reply to messages, play music, or watch the weather. Enhanced with AI capability, it can also see things around you by recognizing plants, translating menus, and controlling the calories in the food in front of you.

Easy shortcuts for separate interfaces

Slightly dragging from the right side, you can have custom application shortcuts. If you receive a message, just click on it and reply to the floating small window without changing the application.

All devices, a single control panel

By simply swiping up from the bottom left, you can activate the control panel to manage all the smart devices you have near you. For example, you can display the phone screen directly, start multi-screen collaboration, or turn on speakers.

Basic specifications
Operating SystemEMUI 10.1 (based on Android 10)
External specifications
Dimensions158,2 mm X 72,6 mm X 8,95 mm
Weight209 g
Display Size6,58 inches
ProcessorHUAWEI Kirin 990 5G
Internal Storage256 GB ROM
Network specifications
BluetoothBluetooth5.1, Support BLE, SBC, AAC, LDAC
Audio jackUSB Type-C earjack
Primary Camera50 MP + 40 MP + 12 MP
Front Camera32 MP Selfie Camera
Camera VideoAudio File Format: *.mp3, *.mp4, *.3gp, *.ogg, *.amr, *.aac, *.flac, *.wav, *.midi
GPSGPS (double zone L1 + L5), AGPS, Glonass, BeiDou (double zone B1I+B1C+B2a), Galileo (double zone E1 + E5a), QZSS (double zone L1 + L5), NavIC
Battery Type 4200 mAh