Huawei P40 lite

Make your life more exciting.


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With 4 cameras, you can Create!

The world is full of great and small miracles waiting for you to discover them. With the 4 rear cameras of HUAWEI P40 lite you get wider, clearer and closer photos than you could ever imagine. Take movie portraits with the bokeh lens, then go to the macro lens and capture nature in great detail. All with the same phone. It’s like having a professional studio in your pocket.


Beauty is in the Details

We cannot predict when the next opportunity will be to take a unique photo. But with the main 48MP camera, you can rest assured that when shooting, you’ll capture every aspect, in stunning cinematic detail. With the 48MP AI Ultra Clarity feature, the camera combines many frames carefully into a high-resolution image so you don’t miss any detail, even when zooming.

Discover the Night

The large f / 1.8 aperture and larger 1-inch sensor are designed to receive extra light, so you don’t have to stop taking photos even when the sun is setting. Thanks to HUAWEI AI image stabilization technology, the handy Super Night mode reduces ‘noise’ and gives you more dynamic range for sharper photos.


Expand your View

Take more pictures than anything. With the 120 ° Ultra-wide-angle lens you get a better picture of what you are fascinated with, and with 17mm focal length you can take photos with 140% more scene / frame view. This means more neon lights than your urban landscapes, more friends in your group shots, and more nature in the landscapes you photograph.

Discover Macro World

A 2MP macro lens brings you closer to the object you are photographing than ever before. Take photos at a distance of 4cm and gain the power to capture stunning detail in textures and textures. From a dewdrop to a butterfly, to the intricate designs of a butterfly’s wings, taking macro photos is like discovering the secret world of detail.

Make Your Photos Stand Out With Bokeh Lens

The exclusive bokeh lens harnesses the power of depth perception AI to create a small depth of field, softening the background and contrasting it with the details of the object you are photographing. Ideal for when you want to make things really stand out.


Long Life Battery with Quick Charge

With the big 4200 mAh battery, you’ll spend the day with just one charge. But even if you forget to charge it at night, don’t worry. Get it charged with your morning coffee and be ready without delay, thanks to the TÜV Rheinland HUAWEI SuperCharge 40W mode, which allows the battery to recharge up to 70% in just 30 minutes.

A Fresh, Rational Design

The design of the HUAWEI P40 lite emphasizes the basics, without unnecessary tricks. The body of the device is made of four-sided curved glass to give it as good a touch as it looks. The front camera is integrated into HUAWEI Punch FullView 6.4 “screen, so there is no unused space but just a very beautiful screen. And with the fingerprint design, you can unlock it with just one touch.


Allow Your Personality to Shine

In Super Night Selfie 2.0 mode, HUAWEI P40 lite automatically illuminates your face when taking selfies, even in dark areas, and optimizes backlight, saturation and background contrast to accentuate your own figure. The device uses Multi-Frame Fusion technology to combine multiple shots, creating sharp and striking selfies.

Selfies that bring out your Best Self

If there is anything better than a selfie, this is the AI-powered selfie. The built-in front camera recognizes ambient lighting and shadows to make selfies tailor-made for you. Get professional portraits that make it look just the way you want it.

Great intelligence, great performance

HUAWEI P40 lite is equipped with a Kirin 810 processor, an awesome technology arsenal. NPU is based on Da Vinci architecture and optimizes performance and AI processor. ISP + IVP image processing improves noise reduction and white balance for perfect performance, whatever you do.

Play Games, Wherever You Are

HUAWEI P40 Lite has the required dynamics to “lift” even the most demanding games. The new generation GPU Turbo provides HD graphics and high frame rates without delay, so you have a complete and smooth experience even at the peak of the action of the games. It also consumes surprisingly little power that extends battery life so that your game lasts longer.


More Memory for More Moments

With such an amazing camera, you will want to save a lot of photos. Fortunately, HUAWEI P40 lite is equipped with 6 / 8GB of RAM and a large ROM xxxGB storage space, so there’s plenty of room for all your photos, no matter how amateur you may be. The amazing memory also means that you can run multiple applications at once, without affecting the operating speed.

An Interface That You Will Love To Use 

HUAWEI P40 lite has the best Interface so far, the EMUI10. We have reconsidered the design, with a cleaner, smarter layout and an elegant color scheme. Everything is exactly where it should be, and it serves the natural transition between menus, so you can go straight to where you want to go.

A Boutique store of Applications

HUAWEI AppGallery is the official HUAWEI application platform that allows you to search, download and share mobile apps. AppGallery continues to develop the global application ecosystem to provide you with secure and differentiated experiences. Enjoy the exclusive content experience with personalized activities and special offers.

* This service is pre-installed in HUAWEI App Gallery instead of Google Play.

Basic specifications
Operating SystemEMUI 10.0.1 (Βased on Android 10.0)
External specifications
Dimensions76,3 mm x 159,2 mm x 8,7 mm
Display Size6,4 ίντσες
ProcessorHUAWEI Kirin 810
Internal Storage128 GB ROM
Network specifications
WLAN802.11b/g/n/a/ac 2,4G / 5G Hz
BluetoothBT5.0, BLE, SBC and AAC are supported
Primary Camera48 ΜΡ + 8 MP + 2 MP
Camera Video3gp, mp4
Battery Type4200 mAh