In Teleunicom though that our every working day is in the technology core, we strongly believe that only people can finally make the difference.

Our Values

In TeleUnicom, we deeply believe that a mobile phone is much more than a technical features’ list. We every day bestir ourselvers in the technology field dealing but we acknowledge, respect and strive for human relations and building strong partnerships. We deeply believe that finally people can make a difference.

Our principle is to offer our partners reliability, friendliness, immediacy and flexibility providing them with high quality integrated services.

In TeleUnicom:

-We are customer-oriented: Our first and most important value is our customers and our partners. In cooperation with them we evolve our services and we add value to our cooperation.
-We believe in integrity: Each of our business is driven by a moral code that ensures fairness, respect and full transparency. We respect our people, our clients and our partners.
-We are reliable: We are close to our customers and our partners, we understand and respond to their needs and we build long-lasting partnerships of trust and cooperation.
-We are consistent: We distinguish for our consistency in meeting our customers’ needs, in developing services that enhance our partnerships, in developing our staff, and complying with our corporate values.