We provide to all our partners’ network integrated services that include strategic sourcing, distribution, positioning as well as marketing and communication.

Our Services

The company offers integrated services that include strategic planning, management of product range, distribution and positioning of product portfolio, inventory management and planning as well as implementing promotional activities for the entire partner’s network. Our services more detailed:

Strategic Planning
-Strategic planning and product selection based on each partner’s needs, taking into consideration the competition, the pricing as well as the global trends.
-Look for new business opportunities by establishing new partnerships as well as dealing with and expanding the cooperation with the existing partner’s network.

Device Portfolio Management
-Provide structured process and business intelligence to support operators and retailers in selecting a product range that aligns with their core strategic objectives and has an explicit business case for each device.
-New product launch in the market as well as management and support throughout the products’ lifecycle.

Inventory Ownership & Management
-Warehouse keeping, Order management, replenishment: Using our proprietary serialized inventory management technology, we assemble, warehouse, pack, kit and ship devices on behalf of our customers.

Integrated Marketing Services
-Planning and execution of Marketing activities that are dedicated and customized to the local market as well as the special needs of each of our partners. We support end-to-end marketing services including agency management, consumer promotions, promotional material, point-of-sale support, sales promoters and channel trainings, channel incentives, digital marketing activations and loyalty programs.
-We prepare and run training programs that aim to educate our partners’ sales teams at the point-of-sale and through site visits from field staff teams.