ISO 9001:2015 Certificate of Quality

The Quality Policy of TELEUNICOM is to:

  • Provide products that will meet customer requirements as outlined in orders and contracts.
  • Ensure that customer needs and expectations have been identified and fulfilled, in order to achieve customer satisfaction, taking into account the obligations arising from contracts, and the legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Take all the required preventative measures to ensure health and safety of staff.
  • Employ staff selected based on the criteria and requirements of each position, as well as their willingness to participate in the company’s vision.
  • Apply a continuous training and education program for staff run by trained specialists.
  • Use modern technology and constantly modernizes the equipment used.
  • Systematically monitor and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Apply a systematic quality control program during all phases of company activity.
  • Use the Quality Objectives that it sets, through their efficient management.
  • Pursue the continuous improvement of company performance.
  • Guarantee that the name of the company is synonym with the best quality of the products it offers.

To achieve the above, the company has documented and applied the Quality Management System, in accordance with the requirements of the Standard ΕΝ ISO 9001:2015, which includes all the activities that affect the quality of the services provided and its relations with customers.
The Quality Management System is the tool for the development, improvement and further recognition of the company in the market in which it operates and has the full support of Management on issues related to resources & infrastructure for its effective implementation and improvement.
The Quality Policy that the company has established is understood by all staff and its fulfillment is a daily aim for staff.

WE ENERGY: The First Electricity Supplier, Exclusively from Renewable Energy Sources

We, at Teleunicom, have a consistent environment commitment and our target is to reduce our total carbon footprint.

Our responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of the world in which we operate – environment, social, economic – creating a better tomorrow than today. In our quest to become a corporate leader in addressing the challenge of climate change, we purchase renewable energy certificates to match 100% of the electricity consumed annually.

WE ENERGY, member of EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG), is the only alternative electricity Supplier that generates electricity EXCLUSIVELY from Renewable Energy Sources, providing the relevant official state and corporate certificates.

WE ENERGY addresses:

• Companies interested in reducing their energy footprint

• Companies that are environmental sensitive and this is expressed through their brand identity improving their image towards their stakeholders, customers as well as competitors.

• Energy Communities for planning and developing environmental friendly activations • People who are environmentally sensitive and are committed to contribute to the environment

ISO 27001:2013 Certificate of Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy

Teleunicom is one of the largest companies – distributors of technology products and official distributor of Huawei Products and implements an Information Security Management System according to ISO / IEC 27001

This security policy ensures:

• The confidentiality of information

• The integrity of the information

• The availability of information

• The training of employees in matters of information security

• Possible breaches of information security will be reported to the Director of Information Security

• A business continuity plan will be maintained

• Legislative requirements will be specified

To achieve the above, the Management supports the information security policy as follows:

• Measurable goals for information security are set

• Interested parties are identified

• The business requirements for the availability of information systems are identified

• The objectives and the importance of these and their achievement, as well as the contractual

security obligations of the company are communicated to all those involved in the implementation

of the information security management system.

• The Information Security Officer is responsible for maintaining the policy and providing support

and advice during its implementation.

• Each party involved in the implementation of the information security management system has

clear and predetermined roles and responsibilities.

• The system is inspected at regular intervals under its responsibility

• Management is responsible for setting the criteria for risk assessment and classification

Business Continuity Certification – ISO 22301:2019

For ΤELEUNICOM which is the Official Distributor of HUAWEI products, it is essential to maintain its ability to offer its services seamlessly under any conditions. In order to achieve this, Company’s policy is to ensure its continuous operation of its activities and their effective recovery after an incident of disturbance or after a natural disaster. At TELEUNICOM, a complete System has been developed and implemented Business Continuity Management in accordance with the requirements of the international ISO standard 22301: 2019.

Under this System, continuous and systematic risk identification is applied and threats and their impact assessment, so that it can be designed and tested before the effective response and recovery.

To achieve the above cases, the following have been developed:

• Business Impact Analysis Study
• Risk Assessment
• Business Continuity Plans
• Business Continuity Procedures

They cover all the critical activities of TELEUNICOM and are reviewed and updated at regular intervals, so that their content accurately reflects the current situation. Business Continuity Plans are tested at regular intervals through preparedness exercises to ensure their successful activation in case of emergencies and that every company and its employees understand how to apply their roles and responsibilities. Company’s Management is committed to the continuous improvement of the Management System of Business Continuity, by providing the necessary resources, setting as high priority in cases of emergency, the following:

• the safety of workers and facilities
• the continuation of the operation of critical activities
• the restoration of the operation within the set time limits