Teleunicom – Globalsat Group of Companies, with a high sense of corporate and social responsibility towards the Group’s employees, associates and society, has already adopted all necessary measures that have been instructed by the competent Authorities to prevent and protect against COVID-2019 coronavirus.

Furthermore, with primarily concern being the safety of its employees, the Group has given clear and specific instructions regarding the hygiene of its premises, the movement of its staff, the meetings in the offices while it has carried out preventive disinfection of its premises.

In addition, the Group, taking advantage of the technology, has been adopting home-office work for most of its staff since Monday 16/3, thereby contributing to the national effort to slow the spread of the virus. For the staff that needs to be located at the Group’s premises, it has taken all the necessary steps to ensure that individuals work according to the instructions and safety measures.

Protection against coronavirus is a matter of individual and collective responsibility. With responsibility, composure and seriousness we support the difficult work of the Competent Authorities and at the same time we strongly support our clients and partners.

Teleunicom-Globalsat Group of Companies

Teleunicom-Globalsat Group of Companies is a leader in the distribution of top technology products in the Greek and Cypriot markets. More specifically, the Group is active in the distribution of smartphones, tablets and IT products, technology accessories as well as home and small appliances, image and sound products etc. The Group cooperated with the largest product manufacturers of the world market, whose products are available in Greece and Cyprus through the Group’s partners network. Indicative brands that the Group represents are: SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, SONY, LENOVO, CELLY, GARMIN, SENCOR, LAMART, YENKEE, SAGEc. The Group cooperates with all large retail chains and all telecommunications providers in Greece and Cyprus.