Teleunicom is a pioneer in the technology field for more than 20 years & it expands its activities in new markets.

About us

Teleunicom was founded in 1995 and is the first company of Globalsat-Teleunicom Group of Companies that since its inception, it has been active in the distribution of mobile telephony products. It has twenty years of experience in the telecommunications market and the commercial and technological specialization of its executives, as well as the high level of support of its associates, have distinguished the company. Teleunicom cooperates with leading companies in the telecommunications industry, as well as top electrical and electronic chain stores in Greece and Cyprus.

Teleunicom started as the official representative of Sony Mobile in the Greek and Cypriot market. Since 2017, it is the official distributor of Huawei brand in Greece, providing integrated management services that covers the full range of the brand’s technology products (smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables, accessories, IT accessories), distribution, warehouse and inventory management, as well as integrated marketing services.

In 2022, Teleunicom announced the agreement with the Asian company TCL, for the official distribution of the full range of white appliances and TVs in Greece

In addition, Teleunicom through its subsidiaries Retail and more and Anadisis Smart, is active in the retail sector of consumer goods (food retail), as well as in the development of specialized applications (AI & machine learning platforms).

More specifically, through Retail and more, it implements the development and reopening of Carrefour stores in the Greek market. The goal of Retail & More is the creation of a new Panhellenic chain of stores under the name Carrefour, with different features, which are fully adapted to the needs of each local and supra-local market and offer consumers quality products at the most competitive prices.

Through Anadisis Smart and WinSmart brand, it also offers services and applications of Artificial Intelligence betting tools (AI), based on specific strategies for each customer. Recently and globally, it launched the first AI pre-game and Live Betting services. WinSmart has the richest range of statistics and historical data, which through the right combinations and strategy, yield forecasts and profitable strategies.