TeleUnicom is the official representative of Huawei in the Greek market.

About us

TeleUnicom was founded in 1995 and since its start is active in the distribution of mobile products. The company’s twenty years of experience in the telecommunication industry, its commercial and technology oriented personnel, as well as the high level of support that offers to its partners have positioned the company at the top of the market. TeleUnicom is proud of its partnerships since all telecom operators as well as all the leading retail electronic chains trust and cooperate with the company in both Greece and Cyprus market.

2009 was a pivotal year for TeleUnicom as long as its successful and long lasting collaboration with Sony Mobile led to the consolidation of the two companies’ partnership. TeleUnicom was mutually agreed to be the official and exclusive representative of Sony Mobile in the Greek and Cypriot market.

2017 is a dynamic year for TeleUnicom with many new partnerships coming along. In January 2017 TeleUnicom Cyprus expands its business regarding the distribution of branded technology products and undertakes the distribution of Huawei smartphones and technology accessories to its customers’ network in the Cypriot market.

After the successful cooperation of Teleunicom Cyprus with Huawei regarding the distribution of Huawei smartphones and technology accessories to Teleunicom partners’ network in the Cyprus market, the companies’ partnership expands in the Greek market. Teleunicom takes upon the distribution of the top Huawei products; smartphones, full range of accessories and tablet portfolio, to its partners’ network in Greece.

The aim of the above partnerships is to further strengthen their presence to TeleUnicom’s partners network, the strategic positioning of their products as well as the full support of the distribution network that is managed by TeleUnicom.

The company owns a building area of 2.500m2 in Greece while in Cyprus its facilities include offices and warehouses.  The strategic objective of the company is its strong and profitable growth through actions that include the expansion of the distribution network of its represented brands to new retail electronic chains as well as other distribution channels, its geographical spread in major Greek cities -outside Attica region, and in Cyprus, as well as expanding its activities abroad, in neighboring markets – targets.

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