TELEUNICOM is pleased to announce the new partnership with HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES regarding HONOR brand.

HONOR is HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES’ e-brand that aims to be the 1st online smartphone brand in the world. HONOR offers newest technology in the best price and the Smartphones are specially designed for digital natives, for people who live in the digital world and are familiar with digital technologies.
TELEUNICOM’s twenty years of experience in the telecommunication industry, its commercial and technology oriented personnel, as well as the high level of support that offers to its partners have positioned the company at the top of the Greek market. All telecom operators as well as all the leading retail electronic chains trust and cooperate with the company.
The agreement between TELEUNICOM and HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES reconfirms the company’s successful route and gives TELEUNICOM the opportunity to expand its business through the distribution and support of the full range of HONOR products in the Greek market. TELEUNICOM’s team will closely work with all of its customers to comply with their requirements in the best possible manner and launch the new brand successfully.
In view of the new partnership, TELEUNICOM launches the smartphones HONOR 4C and HONOR 7, while new HONOR smartphones is expected to be included in the product portfolio in the near future.

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